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    Located at the newly constructed shopping complex at Mollymook Beach NSW, Tallwood offers a fun and contemporary dining experience that embraces the culture of sharing food and experiences over a table. Drawing on inspiration from their extensive travels throughout Europe and Asia, owner Matt Upson believes that an experience at a restaurant should be more than just about the food, it should also be about creating lasting memories with the people you are sharing the food with. 


    The free-form dining and share food concept is enhanced by the design of the building with a focus on natural organic materials and beautifully crafted décor. Spanning the length of the dining room is an open kitchen, which invites you to watch and become excited by the passion of the chefs, producing fresh, quality dishes that are as impressive to look at as they are to taste. 


    Matt’s mantra has always been to deliver good, honest and unpretentious food and this is reflected in the constantly changing menu at Tallwood. Almost every ingredient on the menu is sourced locally and as the quality of this product is so good, the chef’s job is made easy as he simply lets the food speak for itself. 










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