About Tallwood

Welcome to Tallwood. My 2nd home, my love & my passion.

Tallwood was created from the love of flavorsome food, sharing good times with friends and family and having a sneaky drink or two.

 After extensive travels in Australia and around the world, this beautiful coastal town settled my family. We have a love for the south coast and wanted to give a little back. Tallwood is a comfortable and relaxed dining experience where you get to share great food, and we get to bring to life our belief in sustainable practices and community mindfulness.


The south coast has an abundance of amazing produce and strong harmonious relationships with local farmers ensure we keep the distance from paddock to plate to a minimum.  We are lucky enough to have killer seafood, organically farmed livestock and sustainably grown produce right at our doorstep. My team and I work in partnership with our local suppliers and this is reflected in our seasonally changing menu.


Our food allows you to sample a little of what the south coast has to offer. Sit back, relax, grab a drink and let our staff guide you through our menu. If you can’t choose let us do the work for you.

Share, laugh, enjoy


Our green steps


Buy local

strengthening our community

Eating local means more money stays within our community. The produce is fresh and tasty because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being picked. While reducing our carbon footprint.


Solar panels

pure energy from the sun

We harvest our own energy through solar panels


Responsible cafe 

share a culture of conscious consumption

1st responsible cafe in town and offer 50cent discount for ANY reusable cup (doesn't have to stop at coffee, bring glass jars etc for smoothies and shakes)


No plastic straws

the Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic

No plastic straws - none preferable but have paper as back up



a recycling program that diverts flexible plastics

We recycle soft plastics through REDcycle



Recycling system

food waste is responsible for over 60% of landfill volume in Australia

We have a strict recycling system

give our compost waste and coffee grounds to locals for garden fertiliser and mulch


Vestal water system

environmentally sustainable bottled water alternative

Vestal water system means we have no single use sparkling or still water bottles