Barbecue Wagyu beef with Asian mushrooms, wakame and taro

    September 11, 2014

    Matts recipe from 'Coastal Chef' has been chosen for The Australian. Academic Pia Winberg tells her interesting story on how she put together a recipe book on seaweed.



    Barbecue Wagyu beef with Asian mushrooms, wakame and taro.


    For the beef skewers

    100g Wagyu Scotch fillet, trimmed

    1 Nori sheet

    1 skewer soaked in water for 24 hours

    1 piece of fresh horseradish

    For the marinade

    10ml good-quality Japanese soy sauce

    5 ml mirin

    3 mlsake

    2g ginger, grated

    2g garlic

    2ml grapeseed oil

    ½ Umeboshi plum

    For the mushroom stir-fry

    1tbsp grapeseed oil

    30g enoki mushrooms

    30g shitaki mushrooms

    30g oyster mushroom

    1tsp toasted sesame seeds

    10g dried Wakame, rehydrated in boiling water

    2tsp soy sauce

    6 julienne strips ginger

    For the taro chips

    400g taro root peeled

    vegetable oil

    sea salt

    Skewers: Slice the beef into rectangular portions weighing 25g each. Lay the Nori sheets, cut to the same size, onto the portions. Then roll the beef into little “snails”. Skewer the four beef portions so they all sit flat once skewered.

    Marinade: Combine all the wet ingredients in a bowl and microplane the garlic and ginger into the marinade.

    Stir-fry: Slice the shitaki mushrooms in half, cut the enoki mushrooms above the clump of the bunch and tear the oyster mushrooms in half. Drain the Wakame, pat dry and roughly chop.

    Taro chips: Cut the peeled taro into 5cm x 1cm x 1cm rectangles. Steam for five minutes, until just under cooked. You can check the same way you would with a boiled potato. Set aside to cool until time to plate up.

    To serve: This is a very quick dish to put together. You can use a barbecue or griddle plate to cook the beef skewers. Make sure the plate is hot before placing the skewers down. To cook the skewers, put them “presentation side” down on the hotplate first, leave for two minutes, turn and cook for another minute. When turned, baste with marinade continually. Reserve some marinade to baste skewers on the serving plate. Once cooked, rest the meat in a warm place and then stir-fry the mushrooms and taro.

    Shallow or deep fry the taro chips in hot oil at 180C for three minutes or until golden brown. Strain and put on paper towel, season with sea salt.

    Heat a wok or medium-size frying pan and add grapeseed oil. When hot, stir-fry the shitaki mushrooms until browned, add the oyster mushrooms then enokis. Stir-fry for another minute, add ginger, sesame seeds, Wakame then soy to finish. Place on a paper towel to drain any excess liquid.

    To plate, put 10 taro chips down the end of the plate or board in a nice stack, at the other end lay down the stir-fry and lay the skewer down on the stir-fry. Grate fresh horseradish on top. Serve immediately with a great Japanese beer. Serves one.



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    Barbecue Wagyu beef with Asian mushrooms, wakame and taro

    September 11, 2014

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