Walk on the Wine Side

    July 8, 2016



    Walk on the Wine Side is one of Sydney’s largest Trade Tasting's of the year, showcasing over 350 wines from some of the best Wineries in Australia and around the world. 

    We walked into Town Hall, looking around and taking it all in. There were Sommeliers from restaurants from all over the state, a room full of people so passionate about wine it was hard not to get excited. A quick mental reminder that we were here for work (and a little bit of play) and we were off. Our challenge for the day, select 3 reds and 3 whites that we love. Mission Accepted. 


    We started tasting whites as we made our way down the isles of distributors and wineries. Beautiful Rieslings, Gewürztraminers and Pinots. Stopping at Spy Valley from Marlborough, New Zealand, we sampled a delicious 2010 Riesling from the ENVOY range that has been aged in the bottle for 6 years. This beautiful, elegant wine with subtle stone fruit flavours had me from the first sip.

    Aged white wines are a new experience for me so I went on the hunt again and found a barrel aged 2013 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc from Juniper Estates in Margaret River. Such a great depth of flavour with an almost ‘buttery’ taste under the classic citrus. It’s easy to see why Juniper Estates have a 5 star rating.

    By the time we made it to Joseph Cattin, we were starting to really get in the ‘swig’ of things. I spent a fair amount of time tasting the Cattin collection but I couldn't go past the 2012/13 Gewürztraminer for my last pick of the white wines. The intense flavour of this wine would be a great match for any dish with a bit of spice and, since we love spice at Tallwood, it was a shoo in for my top list. 


    2 hours in it was time to start making a dent in the red wines. Now, I try and stay objective when it comes to wine tasting but red wine always wins me over, so by this time I was getting rather excited to do another lap around the hall. 

    First on my list is a Southern Italian 2013 Aglianico by Hither and Yon from McLaren Vale, South Australia. First sip picks up a spiciness on the front of the palate, but as you let it sit it becomes very light and acidic. For me, its the perfect winter wine. 

    I had high expectations as we made our way over to see the boys from Jed Wines. These three Australian guys searched the world’s best wine regions before they finally landed in Mendoza, Argentina. The entire collection was great but the stand out for me was the 2010, Limited Release Cabernet Franc which is only released every other year or so. This is because of the higher altitude the grapes are grown at, exposing them to higher, more pure UV light making the skins of the grape thicker then would be normal. As a result this wine leads a rich and smooth palate, with underlying hints of spice. 

    It was a difficult task only choosing 3 stand out reds and I spent a great deal of time cutting my list back. In the end I went with the 2012 Oracle Shiraz by Kilikanoon from Clare Valley South Australia. The price point of this wine lands a little above what the average person would normally spend but it is such a fantastic wine I had to include it. This Kilikanoon flagship wine is a great wine to have in the cellar. 


    After hours of walking around the hall savouring the journey our sensors just had, we finally called it a day. It’s such a great experience being able to meet the people behind the scenes of your favourite bottle of wine, hear the passion for what they create and the intricacies of it. 


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